Sunday, 28 July 2013

I walked around anxiously trying to figure out what I could do. then as quick as lightning it came to me. I knelt down next to the body and went through its pockets. I took the woman's cash, pocket knife and phone. I opened a compartment of the pocket knife and dug into the lock to see if I could pick it. I tried digging the sharp tool into thee lock in different angles but it was useless. I stared at the pocket knife in disbelief. I was certain that this would do the trick, I felt betrayed and angry. I grabbed the pocket knife and threw it across the room. I was so angry but once I threw the knife I knew that this action was a mistake, and I would maybe need that later on. I leaped towards where I thought the knife would be but I lost my balance and tripped over the body. the body rolled the other way. something fell out of its pocket. I reached for the item and found a key. the key was old and rusty, with bits of metal flickering off the side. I stood up and walked over to the door, clutching the key as if it was my last chance. I put the key into the key hole and twisted. the door clicked and opened the tiniest bit. this was enough for me to see that I wasn't trapped anymore...

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