Sunday, 28 July 2013

I walked around anxiously trying to figure out what I could do. then as quick as lightning it came to me. I knelt down next to the body and went through its pockets. I took the woman's cash, pocket knife and phone. I opened a compartment of the pocket knife and dug into the lock to see if I could pick it. I tried digging the sharp tool into thee lock in different angles but it was useless. I stared at the pocket knife in disbelief. I was certain that this would do the trick, I felt betrayed and angry. I grabbed the pocket knife and threw it across the room. I was so angry but once I threw the knife I knew that this action was a mistake, and I would maybe need that later on. I leaped towards where I thought the knife would be but I lost my balance and tripped over the body. the body rolled the other way. something fell out of its pocket. I reached for the item and found a key. the key was old and rusty, with bits of metal flickering off the side. I stood up and walked over to the door, clutching the key as if it was my last chance. I put the key into the key hole and twisted. the door clicked and opened the tiniest bit. this was enough for me to see that I wasn't trapped anymore...

Saturday, 27 July 2013

My hands went sweaty and it felt like all my insides were jigging about inside me, my heart was racing and my mind wouldn't consider the option to stop thinking about this. I started gasping for air as I was beginning to throw up. I hadn't eaten for ages before the snack and now I managed to throw that little portion of the cereal bar up. great. there was no food left inside me so I was just puking out my stomach acid which burnt my throat so badly. I began to cry. then just as I started crying the van came to a slow and steady halt. were some people coming to check what was going on or were we just at some traffic lights? I hid behind the body but nobody came. I waited for what seemed like half an hour but there was no way of telling. I got up and pushed the handle on  the back door of the van. it was firmly locked. I had one more option. This was my only chance of escaping; if I don't try now I will never have another chance of getting out of here. besides, if I stayed here who knows where they could take me? I walked to the back of the van, as far away from the doors as I possibly could go and ran against the door. I fell back. these people locked the door alright. what was I possibly thinking? these people were no idiots.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Once Bear and I ate our little snack, we huddled together, cold, and went to sleep. who knew where we were, or what time it was, it didn't seem to matter anymore, and who would have a care in the world about me? I mean I've always been on the run; hiding in places and trying to stay out of trouble, but somehow, trouble always managed to find me, no matter where I was, or what I was doing. anyway, I stroked Bears fur and let him rest his little, fury head on my lap and go to sleep. he was my only friend now, but we are best mates so that doesn't really matter.

I awoke when the dead body rolled on us. it looked as if it had been rolling around the van the whole time we were asleep. it rolled once more, but this time, the  photos came tumbling out that the motionless body and had scattered on the floor, covering it like a carpet of junk. I picked up the photos and started looking at them with the torch I had found in the van, just before I discovered the body. it was the same pictures as the ones on the camera. the photos had little signs saying where the woman was standing, just like on the camera. I got bored looking at the photos themselves, but concentrated on the little signs: Ukraine, Wake Island, Libya, Latvia, Denmark, India, Egypt, Iraq, Finland, Uganda, Siberia, Ecuador, Estonia, Thai, Hungary, Ethiopia, Cyprus, Austria, Madagascar, Eritrea, Romania, Australia. the torch started flickering and just as I turned the torch off, I realised that there was a secret message. I turned the torch on. (if you read all of the first letters of every country, it sounds something like this: uwilldieifuseethecamera). I unscrambled the words and put spaces in between; it came up with this:
u will die if u see the camera.

Friday, 28 June 2013

I stared at the body in shock. the woman had brown hair and pale skin. the stench of the dead body filled the van. the van turned a sharp corner, and as it did, the body tumbled and fell onto me. I rolled the women over. as I struggled to do that, I couldn't help feeling all the useful things in her pocket: phone, money (at least £200), pocket knife, photos (okay, photos aren't necessarily useful) and even a cereal breakfast bar! and one more thing. a key which looked like it was to some sort of car. I tore the rapper open of the bar and found three whole biscuits inside; I hadn't realised how hungry I was until my teeth bit the crunchy oats, with smooth, sweet honey drizzled on the top. I couldn't stop. when I finally decided to get back to the real world I found that I had munched my way through two and a half cereal bars without even thinking about it. I fed the half left to Bear. He greedily (just like me) gobbled the snack up, leaving no crumbs behind. I let Bear lick the honey off the wrapper. the food wasn't much but it was enough to keep us alive for now.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I knew I had to get out somehow. after a short while I realised that I had nothing better to do then stand up, move around, and explore. although it wasn't exactly the right place to move about, in a van, but I had nothing better to do. I awoke Bear. He yawned a big yawn and stood beside me. we moved around slowly searching for anything -perhaps something edible- and so Bear sniffed under some bags and under various materials. most materials seemed like some kind of fur. there was a whiff of something rotting in the van. never mind, probably just a the outside air managed to sneak through some cracks in the van.
after a while I tried to sit down but I realised something was beneath me. A camera. My thumbs fumbled around in the dark, searching for an on button. the cameras screen shone bright. I scrolled through the pictures.
A women. that's all there was, pictures of her in different places; Ukraine, Wake Island, Libya, Latvia, Denmark, India, Egypt, Iraq, Finland, Uganda, Siberia, Ecuador, Estonia, Thai, Hungary, Ethiopia, Cyprus, Austria, Madagascar, Eritrea, Romania, Australia. the car went over a bump. I dropped the camera and it smashed. I dived forward, desperately trying to put it together. as I dived forward I landed in some bags. I tore apart the bags in anger, knowing that the camera was at least some proof of who ever this camera belonged to, might have contributed to kidnaping me.
in horror I gasped. I saw what was in the bags, and what was in front of me. a body. a dead body.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I saw that the man wasn't alone, and that he had come for revenge.
I saw a Rottweiler. The big black dog stared at us, with its eyes glowing like two bright torches. even though the sun was just coming up, and I could clearly see everything; the big wild, vicious, dog's eyes glowed bright, it didn't dare move. It snarled with an evil grin that seemed to be the emotion stuck on his face. Its crooked yellow teeth hanging out, broken or in jaunty angles. It didn't look pretty, and I bet it was in a mood for killing.
the dog, like its owner looked rough and big. I started to panic, my brain couldn't think of any thing to do just sit there. I would have called for help, but who would hear me in the middle of no-where? There was one chance, just one chance for me to think of a plan and go with it to survive.
I crawled out the bush but I didn't think they saw me. I then grabbed Bear off the dry soil, and ran. I stopped once I'd run about 200 metres but the tough man and the dog stood there. They didn't even move a muscle. the man and the dog were still there after about one minute, not moving, nothing had changed about them in the last 1-2 minutes. then it hit me. the man was just a wax figure and the dog a stuffed dead animal. it was too late though, I heard a something coming up behind me. the white van. someone grabbed my shoulder and arm then picked me up. the look-alike of the wax figure was here. he didn't hesitate, he through me into the van and locked me in. I managed to luckily keep hold of Bear. He was whimpering beside as I stroked his soft fur. The polished white van drove away from the emptiness of the fields into the busy city centre.
I was freezing, the howling wind seized its opportunity to roam the town while there was no one around, sadly it was a particular cold night, without the unforgiving wind's contribution. I managed to get into a 'comfy' position where the twisted arms of the thorny branches couldn't reach me. I lay there in the dark cold night with Bear lying next to me (no, Bear is not actually a bear. It's the name of my dog. He isn't a pedigree, and he is dirty but he is the only thing I have left, now. He is really scruffy and small - which is nothing like a bear - but he is very brave which makes him like the bravest bear there could be). Bear's belly moved up, then down, then up, then down while his scruffy chocolate-caramel coloured fur rustled like leaves in the wind, but the only difference was, that, Bears fur was quiet, and soft. I couldn't sleep that night, and once my eyes had just agreed to let me rest, Bear and I heard a noise, like twigs snapping under someone's foot. The person obviously wasn't about to help us. He was the one after us. To kill us. He knew where we were all along.
My heart skipped a beat...